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The Afoot Picking Symptom


There are a lot of different instruments. I prefer for example the piano in front of the guitar. Think it is much easier and it is more logical and more gentle on the fingers. It makes very painful to play guitar, trying to hold down the right strings and keep on. And if one has a chord and then to raise it so it becomes a completely different chords. Piano, does not hurt at all, all the keys are very soft. And you have a chord and want to raise it, move all the fingers of one up. Piece of ...

Good to have

Electronics is always on a path forward and on that path is is good that we keep on track on that way. For example is the gps antenna a really good tool to have when we are traveling. It helps us to be on the right track when we are driving for example. It can also help us when we are walking to be able to find the right place. So it is really so good to keep on track on what is moving forward. That will help us in our daily life, to make it easier to find ...

A new software for the hotel

I've been looking for a good hotel software that I can get for my hotel. I need some place where you easy can browse through the empty rooms and book what you want. That would be really good I think. So I'm going to search around a bit for a software like this. I think that things would get so much easier for both us and the customers since we have to go through less trouble to make a booking. So I'm really looking forward to this. Then we can focus on other stuff. 

Så enkelt

Just nu sitter jag och lyssnar på bandet kite, dom har gjort en cover på låten " jag ger dig min morgon" . Nu minns jag inte vem det är som sjunger orginal sången men den är väldigt vacker orginal sången. Denna version som kite sjunger är på engelska och det är en snabbare takt på låten. Den är väldigt bra denna nya version tycker jag. Jag tycker om när man gör covers på gamla låtar det blir lite variation.. Men det är egentligen helt sjukt att någon kan bli världskänd på en annan artists låt. Det är så enkelt.